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I took a design pop-quiz online once. It was to determine my design style. The results said I was eclectic. Nailed it. And it's true for everything in my life. From home furnishings to food to reading and writing, I can never choose only one of anything. And because of this website is an attempt to wrangle my many interests into a cohesive order, starting with the two names I write under. (Did I mention I am a Gemini?) I like humorous stories that sometimes surprise but always make me laugh out loud. At the same time, I appreciate dramas that are dark and edgy and make me cry. So, since not everyone has my eclectic taste, I write under two names. Lesa Boutin is for the reader who wants a good giggle. While Lesa Howard is for the more serious or somber reader who might want to keep a box of tissues nearby.

The author side of me is only one part of this site. I’m also a teaching artist. For 12 years, I taught creative writing to elementary and middle school children with a nonprofit organization in Houston. My experiences there, with fellow-writers, my students and their teachers, as well as a pletrhora of parents, have forever altered my life. I would not be who I am today without them. It shaped me in untold ways, and much of it is reflected on this site.

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