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I took a design pop-quiz online once. It was to determine my design style. The results said I was eclectic. Nailed it. And it's true for everything in my life. From home furnishings to food to reading and writing, I can never choose only one of anything. And because of this website is an attempt to wrangle my many interests into a cohesive order, starting with the two names I write under. (Did I mention I am a Gemini?) I like humorous stories that sometimes surprise but always make me laugh out loud. At the same time, I appreciate dramas that are dark and edgy and make me cry. So, since not everyone has my eclectic taste, I write under two names. Lesa Boutin is for the reader who wants a good giggle. While Lesa Howard is for the more serious or somber reader who might want to keep a box of tissues nearby.

The author part of me is only one part of this site. I also teach creative writing to elementary and middle school children. I have the great fortune of working for a nonprofit organization in Houston called Writers in the Schools, aka WITS. Over the years with WITS, I've accumulated a slew of creative writing lessons and experiences. There's been a lot of trial and error which led me to realize it might be a good thing to share some of it, especially for other authors looking to add something more to their Author School Visits. So the posts on the blog will reflect my multiple (or eclectic if you prefer the classier distinction) personalities, containing issues with my own writing, anecdotes from the classroom, book recommendations, and possibly some mini temper tantrums and/or breakdowns along the way.