Critique and Freelance Services

Please Note, Packages are for Picture Books, Middle Grade, and YA Only.

from premise to plot

30-Minute Zoom Call $30

Do you have a story idea (a premise) but no idea how to develop a plot from it? This is my specialty. Here are a few things we can do on a Zoom call.

  • You share your idea

  • We'll talk about beginnings and endings

  • Consider character arcs

  • Discuss POV

  • Layout a rough plan for a plot

First Pages critique

First 10 Pages $45

I will read your first 10 pages twice. Once as a reader, and the second time as a critique partner. Here's what I'll look for.

  • Is there a hook

  • Does it foreshadow the novel

  • Character presence

  • Does the story start in the right place


Manuscript critique

$0.015 Per Word

Maybe it's your first draft or you've been through it several times but sense something is missing. You might need a second pair of eyes to read your manuscript. Here are some things I'll look for.

  • Key story elements: setting, characters, plot, conflict, and resolution

  • Flow and pacing

  • Continuity

  • POV

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The pricing below depends on several factors. Please contact me for information.

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Professional Development 


The best way to engage students as creative writers is to be a creative writer. Move beyond teaching grammar and get students excited about writing across curricula with a Professional Development Workshop. Come out of the comfort zone and help your students connect the tools you’ve given them to their creativity by tapping into your own.

Author Visit

Interactive author visit where students are brought into the writing experience. Poetry, flash fiction, personal narrative, even game design. Students will participate in exercises engineered to demystify the writing process.

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Personal Book 


The publishing industry has changed and most editors no longer have time to work with a writer in the early stages of a novel's development. But maybe you need a little one-on-one assistance before submitting your work. Then Personal Book Coaching is a great way to start, continue, or finish your writing. Get help on everything from outlining to feedback on your story’s progress.


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Novel Writing Workshop

Is your writers’ group stuck in the same old same old routine? How about a creative writing workshop to liven up those premise sentences? Or perhaps bring new life to the settings in your narrative? Get your group excited again with workshops based on The Novel Starter Composition Book.