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Renderforest Video Maker

As a self-published author, I'm always looking for efficient ways to promote and market my work. So, while exploring options for best using my resources, I became interested in videos as a marketing tool. I noticed a simple video of me flipping through my workbook, Novel Starter Composition Book, received more traffic than when I’d posted a static ad/image of it. This got me to thinking, if this crappy shaky video (me holding the camera in one hand while flipping the pages with the other) did so much better than the ads, what would happen if I used a professionally made video? The problem was professionally made videos are expensive. Nonetheless, I did some research and discovered there were some DIY options available. Enter Renderforest.

Video, Animation, Logos, and Websites Made Easy

Renderforest is an online company providing various marketing products and services at affordable prices. They offer simple ways to create videos, animations, logos, and websites. And even though I was there for the videos, I experimented with my logo animations and came up with some cool ideas for ways to share it, too.

From the first click, I found everything about the Renderforest Video Maker to be accessible and intuitive. A person doesn’t have to be a videographer to use it. There are over 400 customizable templates to choose from and getting started is easy. After reviewing a few sample videos and seeing the different ways others used the templates, I moved right into making my first video. Initially, I designed one with the Whiteboard Animation Toolkit. I loooved it and still plan to use it in the future, but ultimately, I chose the 3D Explainer Video Kit for my first download. It was too darn cute to resist. Oh, and did I mention there’s music!

One last thing, the folks at Renderforest were so helpful. I reached out to them several times, and they were always kind and quick to respond—patient with this novice. They made my first foray into video making a blast. Their products and services have helped me find a new way to market my workbook, Novel Starter Composition Book, not to mention other projects on the horizon.

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